About Me 

I’ve been on a spiritual path most of my life. It all started with me as a young girl seeing  auras, thinking everyone could see them and seeing beings of light and being told they were just a dream.

My grandmother was ahead of her time and taught me about the law of attraction, visualization, meditation and many other fascinating things that were not mainstream back then.

I shut off my vision and intuition as I didn't know what to do with my gifts and was scared.  I was also afraid to be ostracized, and as a child, I didn't want to be weird.

I turned to spirituality again in my early thirties when I had my third miscarriage. I imbued myself in spiritual principles, and meditation practices and anything else that helped me get realigned with my true purpose.  My life was transformed, and I felt the inner impulse to help others through love and inspiration to  transform their lives and align with their true purpose.

I'm passionate about sharing the principles, practices and methods that transform not only mindsets but emotional and energetic blocks as well, so that you can thrive in life and do good in the world.

I help women create an abundant life by releasing fear, self-doubt, and struggle, so they bring abundance, inspiration, and light to whatever they do, wherever they are.

My #1 Amazon bestseller books, Stop Wishing, Start Creating, and Eres Luz give an inspired and soulful roadmap for abundance, personal growth, and transformation.


"Get started no matter where you are in the process"

Reid Tracy

Hay House CEO

"Start to see things shift in your life"

Joe Dispenza

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"Expand your knowledge"

Bruce Lipton

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Together we can create wonders

While I play an inspiring mentor on social media, I'm a person just like you; A mother of 3 busy boys and one active dog. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, and my husband and I followed the same amazing path. Although we each run different businesses, we share goals and vision for our family and future.

I believe we can create wonders in our lives and the world when we feel inspired, motivated, and aligned with our purpose.

My mission is to help you discover the massive potential lying within you, enhance your ability to create abundance, and deepen the connection with your spirit, so you live a life in alignment with your true purpose.


Things don't just happen by chance.

There is a reason you are here, and I feel truly honored that our paths have crossed.

You can create the abundant life your heart desires and I'm here to help you every step of the way :)


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My path as a mentor

For more than a decade, I've been fortunate enough to help thousands through my best-selling books, articles, guided meditations, live and online workshops, classes, private sessions, and corporate programs. I've hosted a radio show in Austin, Texas, and participated as a guest speaker on several other international programs. I'm continually expanding my knowledge, and I love sharing practices and principles that help support my life.

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