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About Me


My name is Gertrude Marie and I believe life is a gift to learn and evolve. 

If you believe that too you are in the right place!

About Me

For more than a decade, I’ve been fortunate enough to help thousands through my best selling books, articles, guided meditations, live workshops, classes, private sessions, and my stress reduction programs for corporations. I’ve hosted a radio show in Austin, Texas, and been invited as a guest speaker on several other international shows. I’m constantly expanding my knowledge and I love sharing practices and principles that help support my life as well.

I created this site to inspire and motivate you, help you discover the amazing potential lying within you, enhance your ability to sense your purpose and to feel connected with your heart and spirit. 

Things don’t happen just by chance, there is a reason why you are here and I feel truly honored that our paths have crossed.  I hope the tools and information I present here help you create the life your heart desires so you achieve your highest potential.


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