I’ll be your guide on how to activate your manifesting powers and align with the Universe so that abundance flows easily and naturally in your life.

In this amazing, transformational, and fun 21-day journey, I'll show you how to make your abundance dreams come true, using the manifesting practices I use in my life.


Create radical change in your life as you...

  • Identify and set intentions from an abundant state.
  • Raise your vibrational frequency to allow abundance to flow to you.
  • Make space for what you want to attract.
  • Activate your manifesting magnet.
  • Let go of fear and self-defeat.
  • Prime your energy to manifest good in your life on "auto-pilot."


The Manifesting Abundance challenge is for you if you...

  • Want to attract abundance in a fun and happy way.
  • Are open to receiving abundance the natural way, without the hard work.
  • Want to tap into the infinite flow of abundance.
  • Are serious about feeling good and living a life filled with abundance and love.


Let's go!

What's included in the Manifesting Abundance Challenge


Warm-up: Before the challenge starts, you'll get some tools to prepare you for this fantastic journey.

Three weeks of daily content: Over 21 days, you'll receive bite-sized lessons, videos,  and mini-tasks.                                   

Fun activities: during the challenge, we'll do some simple and fun activities to raise our vibration.                        

Meditations: Each week, you'll get a new meditation to align your energy and be a good match for the abundance you want to receive.

Access to a private Facebook Group: You'll be able to connect with an amazing group of like-minded women to keep you motivated, get support, and make new friends.

For a limited time, I've made this challenge FREE for you.


2020 brought many learnings and opportunities. For me, it was a year to put into practice all the manifesting tools and techniques; And the results were mindblowing.  Offering this challenge at such a low price is my way to express my gratitude to the universe and share some of my abundance with you.

My intention is that you experience the same or more abundance, and we create a massive abundant ripple effect. 

Why $1?

Only to keep the flow of abundance running.  I know that as you invest $1 in yourself, more will come back to you, so take advantage of this opportunity because the $1 offer might not last long.

The next group starts on February 21st.


Let's go!

I'm Gertrude Marie and I help women create an abundant life by releasing fear, self-doubt, and struggle, so they bring prosperity, inspiration, and light to their life and their work to create a massive impact in the world.

My #1 Amazon bestseller book, Stop Wishing, Start Creating, offers an inspired and soulful roadmap for abundance, personal growth, and transformation.


What people say

I'm super grateful for all the feedback and kind comments. Thank you!

Mary A.

"Gertrude's tips and practices have helped me stayed more grounded and centered. Her meditations are phenomenal. Even when the pandemic has been a challenging time, I've been able to cultivate gratitude, which has allowed me to move through circumstances in a different vibe."

Gabby F.

"Every course and challenge I've taken with you has opened me to a new level of manifesting and a higher way of thinking. I highly recommend your courses to anyone who wants to transform her life."

Susan V.

"Not only has it been super fun, but it has given me clarity and a more elevated perspective of my life and the world around me.  I'm already experiencing more abundance in my life. THANK YOU!!"



Three weeks of daily bite-sized lessons and easy manifesting tasks.


Three short meditations that will help you raise your frequency and focus your energy on what you want to manifest.


Access to Private Facebook Community

$1 for a limited time

I want to share my abundance with you so you can share yours with the world too!

We start 2/21/21


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